Any recommend would be very helpful. OK, so I decided to make another board but need to know how I can calculate 1. You will find what settings they used – that is a good starting point. If you like, double check that with the chip manufacturer or check the reference boards. Last edited by Via ; ,

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To reduce the speeds I modified the phy config table for the and set it to basic features instead of gigabit. I read also about component placement on same reference ground plane, But I see in many design nobody cares about it!

Last edited by Via ; Any recommend would be very helpful. You mentioned we gave you a more updated version with micrel support?

There does appear to be an entry for the KSZ phy. Fix unused warnings Login or Sign Up Log in with. Is it possible that just updating the micrel.


The board kdz9031rnx with a rich set of ksz9031fnx to use connectivity and storage peripherals and expansion headers for easy customization. Implement support for KSZ I removed the phy fixup function that was being called.

Looking at my JCI kernel branch it does show that it was before we added the micrel phy support. Do you have the following commits in your kernel tree? This won’t affect linux as you’ve noticed. I’m under stress that this problem comes from my PCB design!! Yes another work great, we tested 1G datarate too!

Solved: Ethernet PHY KSZRNX – Community Forums

Add OF configuration support for ksz Add support for new PHYs Only show products with samples. So, maybe it is something wrong with the specific board? Add support for KSZ The KSZ offers diagnostic features to facilitate system bring-up and libux in production testing and in product deployment.

I tried to change mac address too, but nothing happens! No any difference, I checked in details.


KSZ9031 on a SabreSD based board

Results of Ethtool root jcimityx: Generates large amount of interrupts and normally there is no touchscreen attached. Support for the phy was not available from Micrel for ljnux 3.

Update partition scheme for JCI.

You should be able to merge in the changes from the following tag without getting a ton of the newer commits. You could always store it in the uEnv. Disable asymmetric pause for KSZ AN – Ethernet Theory of Operation. Driver is located in Linux Kernel. This may help you – this is what we used during testing: Here are some u-boot patches to disable gigabit in u-boot.