Possibility to only publish revoked certificates to Validation Authority. This is a minor release but packed with new minor features and fixes, 41 issues have been resolved. What need to be done are to: It was previously only enabled for the https ports. This is a plugin-upgrade from beta2. This maintenance release contains 18 bug fixes and improvements, below a selection of the most noteworthy. This is a minor release, targeted for adding support for JBoss 5 and fixing a mistake that caused install on Glassfish to fail.

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All defined administrator privileges must be redefined.

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The installation work-flow and ant targets have changed to be more logical for deployment and jbosa. In all, 35 issues have been resolved. To be authorized the administrator need both the new “Renew CA” privilege and and be authorized to the specific CAs. Noteworthy changes – Restructure administrator validation to allow admins using externally issued certificates. There are more issues fixed then normal in a patch release, but they are mostly minor features and supposedly safe fixes.

OCSP code has been brought up to CESeCore standard The installation work-flow and ant targets have changed to be more logical for deployment and installation.


This is a minor release, fixing two minor issues with webservice calls used by HardTokenMgmt. Additional security hardening, including updated library dependencies. A request containing a Nonce larger than 32 bytes will now result in an error returned from the OCSP server. Just build and deploy mssql22000 new files. Due to a bug mssql22000 4. In all 53 issues have been fixed.

This is a maintenance release with many improvements and fixes. Also an error when enrolling with approvals activated was fixed. This is enabled for all new Certificate Profiles, but not for existing profiles.

Except for the following: We are very proud of this release and recommend an upgrade.

Summary I have almost 11 years experiences in Information Technology. The database schema is fully defined through the Java Persistence API and table create scripts are provided for all the supported databases. Minor security fix and improvement. Check the changelog, there is a good chance that your favorite issue has been resolved.

Jboxs changes – Possibility to create link certificates using the same certificate profile as the CA.

JIFileResource Data truncation; jasperserver | Jaspersoft Community

For certificate profiles only specifying a jbpss keylength, the default keylength was used instead ECA Possibility to only publish revoked certificates to Validation Authority.


Below is a selection of the most noteworthy:.

Note that there is a new access rule for “Renew CA”. Noteworthy changes – CMP proxy module.

There are many new options related to validity, check the documentation. This is a maintenance release with a few improvements and bug fixes. Deployment on Windows does not work due to jboss-cli. WildFly8 and WildFly9 are now supported platforms.

Fields are not correctly quoted in @OneToMany relationships when specified

Noteworthy changes The autoactivate parameter in for the CLI command ‘cryptotoken create’ has been changed from ” A” to the more explicit ” -autoactivate”. The CMP Proxy message signer chain and issuer chain were mistakenly implemented as one and the same in 6. The install command failed if a certificate profile or token properties file was specified in install.

Bug Fixes A minor security escalation issue has been fixed affecting explicit rule access denial.