I’ll update the post if doing that causes other problems that I hadn’t seen before. Message 7 of 9. Doubleclicking it will extract it into a folder that you specify. Mine is near the left side, currently. Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. Message 2 of 9. I’m very frustrated after spending all morning and a couple of hours this afternoon.

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Via think vantage center and also manually. See our Sustainability Report.

I’ve rebuilt my T60 after a hard disk failure. Posted on Sunday 8 June at You see anything like that? Running Windows XP Professional. I expected they would ultimately control PulseAudio volume, which does the equivalent of pactl set-sink-mute 0 0 and appropriate pactl set-sink-volume 0 commands for my sound card.

Open Power Manager 2. MIGR Download the file 81vu22ww.

How to Configure Hotkeys on the IBM Thinkpad

If it’s not there, I dare say it didn’t get installed properly. I could double click the Setup. I have this question too. It’s just nestled in that directory with a host of files and a handful of subdirectories.

Hotkeys and OSD not working T60 Message 5 of 9.

Hotkeys and OSD not working T60 – Lenovo Community

I noticed this because when PulseAudio is running, and you type those commands on the command line, all functions properly with the volume, andwhen running under X, I see the popup windows coming from my desktop environment showing the volume changes.


Below where it says: A search finds the executable in this directory: I’m very frustrated after spending all morning and a couple of hours this afternoon.

Now thought hotkwy be over 11 miles wide! And there is no user interface for the Hotkey Features that I am aware of.

How can I tell if it’s been properly installed? I assumed at first that the buttons simply generated X events. There is also an option on some of the system utilities where you check “Install now” when you extract, and it starts the install process immediately.

I’ll update the post if doing that causes other problems that I hadn’t seen before. I do already have Power Manager installed. Some info I overlooked the first time I read your post.

In keeping with my tendency to write a blog post about any technical issue I find that takes me more than five minutes to figure out when searching the Internet, I include below a resolution to a problem that took me, embarrassingly, nearly two and half hours across two different tries to figure out.

When I switched, everything was working fine, except the volume buttons on the Thinkpad T60 those three buttons in the top left hand corner of the keyboard, shown circled in purple in the image on the right no longer did what I expected. So, I first proceed to research whether these volume keys were supposed to generate X events.


Are older drivers available on Lenovo’s support site, if so do you know what the address is?

Lenovo ThinkPad Ts hotkey driver is missing on Windows 10 – Super User

The instructions I mentioned are on the website and not on your computer or in the file. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

Unless you already have the Power Manager, just follow the link and do the same for that driver. Most of the discussions I found assumed the keys were already generating X events and had advice about how to bind those keys to scripts or to your desktop setup of choice 0. The hot key bit mask allows some control over which hot keys generate events.