To connect the modem: Windows Basics Working with documents Computer documents include word processing files, spreadsheet files, or other similar files. Apparatus Claims of U. Also, tape your business card or an address label to your convertible tablet PC and accessories. The Windows Components Wizard opens. It has a swivel and can fold backwards on itself for convenient video watching, typing onscreen with the stylus pen, or drawing pictures

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Gateway M275

For more information, see “Adjusting the volume” on page These drives use a large amount of power. Pensshould not be stored vertically on thetip because constant tip pressure can networrk pen-screen interaction.

Be careful not to break off the tabs found on the bottom of the bezel.

After the disc tray opens slightly, pull the tray completely open. For example, a document file might have a.

Full text of “Gateway Laptop Service Manual: M USER MANUAL”

The Nero Toolbar opens. If you are using a service other than America Online, check with your ISP for the correct procedure for disconnecting.

Networking Your Gateway M Example peer-to-peer wireless Ethernet network Use a peer-to-peer also known as ad hoc wireless Ethernet network if you are setting up or joining a temporary computer-to-computer network.


As a part of the regular startup process, a program to check the disk status runs automatically.

To view your convertible tablet PC display on a television: Save the battery for times when you cannot use a power adapter. Using the Gateway M Port Replicator Connecting to the port networi You can attach your convertible tablet PC to the port replicator while m25 convertible tablet PC is off, on, or in Standby mode. The Display Properties dialog box opens.

You can put your convertible tablet PC through an X-ray security machine, but never put your convertible tablet PC through a metal detector.

For more information, see “System key combinations” on page Also is used for domain authentication or logon screen. Gateway M Swivel Laptop, Windows 7. If your drive has this This is your drive logo Do not sharply strike the display.

For more information, see “Viewing drives” on page 64 and “Searching for files” on page Use the special cleaning cloth included with your convertible tablet PC to wipe away dust and fingerprints.

In addition, you can map a drive on a networked computer to another computer, and access the files as if they were located on the hard drive of the computer you are using. ISP Servers let you connect to the Internet and access your e-mail messages. It has the following installed: If you do not have an Internet service provider, the update utility works by direct-dialing the device driver update service.


Use the menus and toolbar buttons at the top of the window to format the document. The Fax Console opens.

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If the Settings button is not available, you cannot customize the screen saver you selected. To make an audio recording: To delete files or folders: MusicMatch connects to the station and plays the audio. The label is affixed to the main system label. Disconnect all peripheral devices and remove any PC Cards. Looking at the battery charge indicator: Instead, unplug your convertible tablet PC and contact a qualified computer technician.