Plugin points have been added to support replication , storage engines , query rewrite, table functions, user-defined functions , protocol adapters, and multiple query caches. Is pagination a dead end with cassandra? The database round trip was about 1ms over a network. But you can choose ANY entity as the peak of your hierarchy, giving it all the flexibility of relational. But no, it doesn’t mean “multiple values per row”, it means “multiple values per CELL”. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. They’re reimplementing the client-side library, the protocol, and a lot of language support is changing.

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Oh – and I said why you would throw away the query optimiser – the cost isn’t worth it.

Drizzle (database server)

And I’m not the only one. So the optimizer works out which kysql of the query looks like least work, where a temporary index might be needed, what rows can be mysqk off purely from index, if any of the subresults are available in materialized query tables, etc. It’s just that it doesn’t describe the real world as it is.

If you want to retrieve answers per second, and your table is bigger than RAM, that will not work with hash and a magnetic disk Posted Jul 24, He was talking more about data warehouses and real-time stream processing applications.


The code is originally derived from MySQL. The feedback you provide deizzle help us show you more relevant content in the future. This isn’t to say that it is a perfect fit for all problems I think I’ve heard the UniVerse example beforebut it does have its uses.

Build brilliant roadmaps in minutes. If mysqp have a log analysis application, it might only need to read from a set of tables and not write to any tables. You get to update the whole document atomically. But it gets horribly nested, convoluted and heaven-knows-what. For some applications i heavily depend on it’s performance.

Retrieved from ” https: I’m thinking of people who get complete control of a VM on a colo server to run their drizzke thing. My colleague was the one who voted for MongoDb What is a product roadmap? And – apart from when you do a “find me this” query – all your data access is based on primary keys that normally hit “first time, every time”.

Drizzle: a lighter MySQL

Maybe if the data access were significantly simpler than the protocol, but that certainly isn’t the case for anything like a SQL frizzle file. When a query concerning that table requesting only those columns is executed, chances are that the optimizer chooses to read the data from the index instead of the table proper. Start a free day trial.

What is the sound of rain? The relational database has been simplified too far – to the extent that all the supporting stuff around it has to be over-complex in order myxql compensate.


The thing is, in a properly designed MV database, a single table access will retrieve all the information about a single instance of an entity. Englishwith GNU Gettext translations into 43 other languages. If you just mhsql a direct access to a single primary key with a SQL database, if it has a half-decent query implementation, it will access the data in similar steps and won’t spend any time optimising such a mysqk query.

Why is Drizzle dead? – Quora

Posted Jul 26, 2: Locality is noticably important in Google’s BigTable documentation as one way to improve performance. Posted Jul 24, 5: Why not just dump relational? Programmers will make mistakes, so doesn’t it make sense to limit the damage that can occur when such a mistake is made?

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. There’s some extra coding work on the client side. Features such as the query cache and authentication system are now plugins to the database, which follow the general theme of “pluggable storage engines” that were introduced in MySQL 5.

So, selecting by value is equal in MV and relational, it’s expensive.