You must log in or sign up to reply here. The four USB 2. The touchpad is a bit picky—if you lean on any part of the laptop adjacent to the touchpad you may see undesired behavior. The pointing stick seems to work well enough, though I rarely use it. This was barely noticeable to me. What do you suggest for next steps? No FireWire or Flash card ports; several redundant or to most people useless ports.

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Dell Precision M70 Parts

The Dell Precision M70, on the other hand, fit all my requirements. However, I had a 3 year onside warranty for preclsion Inspironand I was very happy with it.

Overall I was impressed with this screen. Edit the X11 configuration file: The four USB 2. Warranty and Customer Support Jonitor have not yet had to use warranty service for this computer.

Then, the signal just died. During this time I mainly used the system to download large demo files at over kbps, so the hard drive and wireless card were constantly at work.

Graphics cards of edll type the ATI FireGL line is similar have superior computational precision and are certified to work with applications that engineers, 3D artists, mlnitor CAD designers use. Of course, the fact that I needed warranty service five times over 3 years is perhaps a not so encouraging aspect of owning a Dell.


Dell Precision M70 screen has gone black

In safe mode, I believe that the only difference is that the laptop is using a generic video driver to run the video, but its still using the same video hardware on the system board.

It is an excellent dekl for the mobile engineer, graphic artists, scientist, and yes, gamer. Not only is it bigger, it is also sharper, brighter, and more crisp. Here is how to do it: Unlike some of its predecessors, this Quadro FX also performs well on gaming benchmarks. Once the graphical prwcision comes up, do not login.

There is no built-in microphone, another potential turnoff to some buyers, though there is a place to plug in an external microphone.

I think it’s my video controller. When traveling on an airplane, I always make sure I am seated next to a DC power plug. My Dell M70 does Exactly the same thing.

Dell Precision M70 Laptop Replacement Parts |

I am very glad to report that the fan is extremely quiet even during persistently high CPU usage. No FireWire or Flash card ports; several redundant or to most people useless ports. Do not use the Ubuntu Live CD; download the full installer. I connected the laptop to a projector.

Dell Precision M70 Review and Linux Setup (pics, specs)

I chose Ubuntu Linuxa distribution based on Debian, but more up-to-date. Replace the video controller myself? I should also note that the Knoppix Live CD v3. What is strange is that it works in safe mode without the problem.


However, I should say that at least to me this effect seemed barely noticeable—I certainly would not have thought of it had there not been a discussion m0 it in previous reviews. Here is how to do it:. By calling them, rather than ordering online, I was able to receive the preciion discount mojitor the coupon, as well as avoid the shipping charge, which the website wanted to add to my bill.

As usual with Linux, I received no help whatsoever on the forums, and it took me about 7 hours to fix the problem. Above the keyboard are extra volume up, volume down, and mute keys. The case is mostly magnesium alloy, but the touchpad and keyboard are plastic.

It does not reach as far as I need it to. There are also no Flash card i. There is also a useless to me infrared port, a pgecision card reader for two-factor authentication, useless to mea modem port again, uselessan ethernet port, an S-video out port, a VGA port, a serial port, and a headphone adapter.