I believe that firewire ports are active right across the Shaw areas – they may chose to implement the 5c encryption on some channels in which case a MAc will actually record the many gig, but nothing can be seen In general they do not seem to be implementing 5c With regard to your TV, I am pretty certain you must have a DVHS box in the chain, or the TV wont recognise things I believe you can check whether firewire is active or not by getting into a service-like menu: Google [Bot] and 2 guests. Thanks agian for your help! I have had massive problems with getting reliable recordings tho. All times are GMT Can’t test premium channels as I don’t subscribe to them.

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Firewire Cable Box Compatibility – MythTV Official Wiki

Digital channels still show up, but only when the firewire hasn’t randomly shuffled nodes on me. I am using 2 shaw dct’s with VMC not sage but I’m thinking about switching The firewire port IS active and will work for channel change and capture.

I don’t use firewire for recording, just channel changing. Options Quote message in reply? They are not active and are there for future development.

I eagerly hope that the firewire code will recieve an overhaul soon to be compatible out of the box with the new kernels, and I hope that that will solve the firewire shuffling problem.


Works fine using Pace, P2P, Mbps. Quantity Out of stock.

I think you may know this, but I want to mention it anyway as someone may find this thread later via an Internet search and look at it. If there are still problems Xct try substituting a new firewire card to see if that makes a difference. I had to add the info for this cable box to ch and use it to change channels, but everything is working very well now.

I have used their technical support before and they were very helpful.

I am wondering if different areas shaw has deactivated the firewire port. Provide additional details on the steps you took to connect dft to the Hitachi Plasma unit via firewire.

Hacking the Motorola DCT6200

After trying a variety of firewire chipsets, the ones that work the best are the latest Agere chips FW v61 with no priming More Details Here As for tuning, some SD channels simply will not work, for example all the Galaxy music only channels between and up we ifrewire our low def tuners via svideo for those.

Added model ID 0xf to ch. Without priming it would get mostly failures when recording. I am seeing two occasion problems: Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. Originally Posted by wayner I doubt it. X, I suspect it’s the SIS chipset.


Then under devices tab I set the Tuning to use Motorola. X, thanks for replying — appreciate the help.

DCT and Firewire : What’s the story? – Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums

The only thing that bogs my system down is commflag so I have turned that off. Connecting via point-to-point was flaky and not as reliable as broadcast.

Did not need add an external channel change script. I filed a complaint with the FCC, citing http: I think it’s an intel dcct, but not sure. The TV has an input menu, and one of the choices is firewire, when I choose firewire it says it cannot detect the device.

Channel change using ch.

Motorola DCT6200 (HD Receiver)

The only “batch” job I can think of that runs other than mythfilldatabase is mythlink — runs at 5 and 35 past the hour. No internal scheduling or such like if I had a unit with internal HD, but iRecord on my PowerBook gives me decent scheduling support.

I am sorry but I do not know if this specific model used by Shaw works. Do others see this happen ocasionally? Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.