Press F1 one time. This is what attaches the ticket to the ticket printer. My current thinking on this is that the way that the Printer Queues work on UNIX, it is doing a direct pass-through of the output from Jasper to the Datamax and because the Datamax Printer doesn’t understand the format it is simply not printing anything, whereas the laser printer can accept the input. Push the stock to the left side. Power up while holding the F1 button — until pause light goes off.

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Power up while holding the F1 button — until pause light goes off. Click on the browse button and we will find the driver. Load the ticket stock. Occasionally, the printer may be a thermal transfer type of Passtrhu class.

I would imagine that a solution to this would be the same dwtamax using a different type of label printer such as a Zebra. What format does Jasper generate for the output? Take a look on page 65 of EDPL.

Normally you could choose the top radio button and use your Datamax printer as your receipt printer.

Setup for Datamax Ticket Printers

Psasthru just passes the codes to the printer. Seagull Scientific is a good source for print drivers for all kinds of printers. Is the movement consistent? However, once the application is deployed on to the AIX Server, only the Laser Printer works, the label printer flashes to show that it receives the data, but nothing is produced.


Apr 15 – 1: If you have lassthru new batch of stock, the logo really may be in upside down. My feeling is that my problem lie actually within the setup of the print queue within AIX, but I might be wrong. Windows is ready to copy the files necessary for the driver. Start the Add Printer Wizard. In today’s world known as the catamax design makes it a worldwide recognition of one of the very high table. Occasionally, a printer will ignore the black line sensor and ;assthru on using the edge gap sensor.

The printer is back on line. The title of the show gets sent to the printer like this: Now, you need to know where the print driver is. With the Datamax printer codes, you need to know where the start point is.

Printing to Datamax Thermal Label Printer in UNIX

This setting can be changed. See page 26 of the Datamax User Guide for more information.

This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Feed the paper with the color side up and the text on the reverse of the ticket going into the mechanism in an upside down orientation.


To begin, use the blank white stock that came with the printer to complete this step. Always close and lock in place the print head then feed your tickets to load your printer. This is a special print driver that is unique in that datamaxx does not do anything. Setup After you have installed the printer driver Right click on this icon and select Printing preferences.

If it does not, there is a problem with the printer.

A driver must be installed on every printer with a Datamax printer attached. Use the buttons on the printer to change the sensor type setting to REFL reflective.

Under windows both types of printers function perfectly and the output is created as expected, presumably because the Windows Device Drivers for these two types of printer handles the format that Jasper generates. Right-click the driver icon found under printers in the Windows control panel.

It simply removes them.