I have managed to use the 3G huawi modem on raspbx. Which Windows OS versions does it run on? Thanks for the advice! Or could you perhaps recommend a few specific modells? How common is it?

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I had lots of problems getting the modem working when it was plugged directly into interrnet Pi. Have you any idea if I can read this information from a stick don’t have one yet, any suggestions would be welcome?

First off, nice post. Note, you may also need to follow this guide so you don’t have to enter your password every time http: Ever since I ordered my Raspi, Ive been tossing and turning my brain on how I can connect to 3G with it.

If you intend to use mobile broadband a intrnet deal, a greater limit is critical.

Huawei e1692 drivers for Windows

First of all, thank you for posting these instructions. How common is it? Could you possibly run netstat to snoop your internet connection for a while and give me an idea of how much background activity there is?

Probably it’s a problem of Kubuntu and not Ubuntu and I don’t have Ubuntu version of Karmic, but only the Kubuntu oneso I cannot tell for sure.


TronProg: Programming and Computers: Huawei E in Linux Kubuntu Karmic

Hi, very good work and i want to thank you for it. Comments Error posting comment. You mentioned at the beginning of your post that a powered USB hub has to be used. Nice one for the quick reply.

First, you need to follow the instructions found in this blog post anyway. Do you have any pointers for me on that? And hey, where is the fun and the joy of discovery in that? Hey I’m using a sierra wireless u aircard and I’m having trouble getting the internet to work on my raspberry pi.

Do you perhaps know what I need to doe here?

Pretty fail-safe would be to burn a Linux live DVD, and use that to do the modeswitch thing. I don’t yet have a powered hub, trying the above steps with it plugged directly into the Pi, the device showed in the list, but gave “failed to connect” when selected. Which 3g dongle did you use? Or, you can use a cable like this.

3G Internet on Raspberry Pi – Success! – Terence Eden’s Blog

Didn’t get far though. Do you have credit on your SIM? Nel mio tempo libero Startup File User Run.


I have loaded the Sakis3g software onto the pi according to the procedure above. I found an alternate source for Sakis3G utility here: Each socket needs to supply at least 1A. Which OS releases does it run on?

I have a question: Your dhiavetta needs to locate a new device.

I easily connect through lan via ssh and tightvnc but i cannot get access to ssh ot vnc via the 3G connection even if i use the direct IP read from ip addr I’ve tried also without the lan connection, no-ip resolve the dns as I see it changes after a while, but no connection at all. The dongle fits into the female USB socket. Hi Again, I bought another e huawei modem as the e gave me nightmares with no result.