In the details pane, locate the Features Summary area, and then click Add Features. You will be able to store and retrieve fingerprint images as required by several states. The Site and Materials may not be used, copied, modified, printed, or distributed in any way inconsistent with these terms and conditions without Premier Data Software Solutions’ prior written approval. After you have selected the target application and clicked OK, the system will automatically save or update the database contents to the export file whenever the current database is edited and saved. The CardScan Executive c’s software has more than a few impressive features. You’ll still have to feed them in, but the CardScan has a handy flip-down storage tray to catch and stack the cards as they come out. Visit manufacturer site for details.

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Bizcard reader c the scanner upright and slide the top cover slightly to the right and lift up carefully. It takes about five seconds to run the calibration card or any blank business card through the machine, and you’re ready to start scanning your business cards.

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Lift off the cover and place it next to bizcard reader c scanner base. A foldout quick-start guide covers the installation in detail, but the setup was simple and involved little more than popping in the software CD and attaching the card reader to a USB port with the included cable. Do no plug any other devices except the scanner into the external hub.


The upgrade process is easy. A number of our clients use our scanners to scan remotely using Citrix and other thin client platforms.

Once and for all, you can easily add all those loose business cards to your PC’s or handheld’s contact database. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. The scanned image is blank or black even after scanner calibration has been performed. Plug the card scanner into one of the available USB ports on the external hub. Exits Weapon Sales Manager. WSM also has optional form printing capabilities and a feature that exports daily transactions into CSV files.

Now you can easily record and save the signature of the seller. Carefully lift up the left end of the upper imaging sensor. The Site and Materials on the Site are copyrighted by Premier Data Software Solutions and are protected by worldwide copyright laws and treaty provisions. Net Web site, so you can access them from any PC. The Site and Materials may not be used, copied, modified, printed, or distributed in any way inconsistent with these terms and conditions without Premier Data Software Solutions’ prior written approval.

Call support if you have any installation issues. Using the Automatic Export feature to transfer data to other applications such as Excel and Access. To correct the problem: Removing all previous installations of the scanner driver. Portable Adobe Bizcard reader c Lite 9. The Good Highly accurate scans; easy setup; quiet operation; includes power-adapter plugs for overseas use.


Not seeing the navigational bar? The attractive, functional and compact 2. We also have a WSM professional version which is a network enabled thus allowing your users and office staff to share a central database making record look up much easier.

Even for business cards with sideways text, the scanner’s accuracy was nearly perfect. Plug the scanner into the USB port of the computer. Plug in the scanner into the USB port.

BizCardReader c USB Card or ID Scanner | eBay

Check availability with hardware manufacturers. ScanToFile which you use for scanning documents. Now you can easily record and save an image of the sellers Driver’s license or other forms of identification.

The few simple errors that it did make were easily correctable via the CardScan software’s neat Rolodex-style interface. Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol if needed.

Although many of our clients have been able to use our scanners on thin client and remote desktop platforms, we regret that we are unable to provide technical support for these platforms because of the diversity in the implementation of these environments. But the scanner’s one-year parts and labor warranty policy is strictly average, as blzcard its support policies.