You should replace that with some metallized polypropylene capacitors. It works great so thanks Mads. So I figured it was friend internally, and obtained another transformer. Hi everybody, I not work in physics but interested in flyback circuit. I knew the answer about the pots but I got ahead of myself.

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Works great as induction heater when you get the coil just right. Yes it is audlo flyback transformer i have been using. Now on further info on this circuit. Same circuit as yours, at 40V, I busted a 3.

A golden rule on those things, is oversize. I build this circuit almost a year ago on a vero board, but it kept blowing the thin traces due to high currents flowing.

If you use the mosfet driver, the output duty cycle is inverted. Seen some questions here.

Mazilli ZVS flyback driver

June 20, at October 9, at Zvw other adjusts the duty cycle and makes it possible to adjust how much power is put into the arc, low power gives thinner arc and high power gives thicker and hotter arcs. With a multimeter try to measure between the gate, collector and emitter and see if its shorted, the MOSFET might be destroyed.


So when I reduce the flux density or volt per turns it will make the transformer run cooler but also decrease the maximum current that I can draw. Sorry, zbs blog cannot share posts by email.

December 20, at They are also used in Tesla coils.

modulsted Yesterday I bought broken Chinese power audjo pc psu for 1. Im getting a 5mm spark but no sound, it keeps sparking even when audio source is disconnected anyone tried this please let me know what.

It is preferable to leave the voltage source disconnected from the ZVS driver while turning on the power supply, and then after a second or so, connect the power supply to the ZVS.

As you can see here [youtube http: Which means, possibly polypropilene, or anything similar.

Audio Modulated ZVS driver playing some music / High Voltage / Forums –

Hi Harsh It sounds like you have a short circuit, revise your circuit vs. A transistor will only conduct as much current as you also feed its base times the amplification ratio of it.

Can u help me aurio it. November 4, at November 8, at The screen and focus knobs on the flyback only effect modulatde the who thinner wires coming out of the flyback which are connected to the internal potential divider network.


I think your circuit demands more current from the Their role is to charge up the gate fast enough after the feedback diode stops conducting, and therefore ram the mosfet into a saturation state as fast as possible.

555 Audio modulated flyback

Using a calculator with the measured values of the potentiometers. What does your arc look like? Join us at http: I hope this is enough to complete this? I should have a video up in the next day or so as I am going to wait until it gets dark and film some arcs with the lights off. I can only think of either drive frequency is too high or is there a large air gap in the core?

To vary the output would you just change the voltage in?