Instructions to use the driver for those environments are located in the driver’s help file under the “Introduction to Programming” menu item. Below you can see I’ve addressed channels for Temperature, then Channels Voltage, Resistance and a different Range Voltage. I used driver of agilent A I use “hpa. I problem with agilent A I want to configure one by one channel for agilent A Example: This document introduces the instrument driver and also discusses an alternative hardware option to the A that can add speed and sensor compatibility to your PC-based measurement system, depending on your application. Legal Privacy Terms Trademark Acknowledgements. The block diagram in Figure 4 extends the functionality of our previously created code to discover the peaks of the dataset and then log those values to a tab-delimited text file compatible with Excel.

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With these, you can quickly and easily take your application far beyond merely programming the instrument to create gailent completely user-defined solution. The NI CompactDAQ platform is an agielnt hardware option to consider when adding to or creating a user-defined, PC-based data logging or bench top automated test system.

Below you can see I’ve addressed channels for Temperature, then Channels Voltage, Resistance and a different Range Voltage. Message 8 of 8. For resources that outline the fundamentals of this industry-standard development environment, please refer to the links at the end of this section. I should already have a lot of functionality built in, and might already do everything that you are looking for.


Use the instrument driver VIs to define your custom application.

Introduction to the A Instrument Labvoew An instrument driver is a set of software routines that control a programmable instrument. LabVIEW can also be used to interface with a data management system, whether that consists of a simple spreadsheet file or a relational database.

Using the Agilent 34970A with LabVIEW

Message 5 of 8. There are different software and programming tools available for the A. Best regards Van Phu. Message 6 of 8. Most Active Hardware Boards: Available A Drivers The following lists the drivers available for the A.

Config channel for agilent A – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Legal Privacy Terms Trademark Acknowledgements. This makes the following available:. Back to Top 2.

Download the driver from the National Instruments website: The same can be pretty much done with only a few exception User interface for A Matrix Switch Example. Rate this document Select a Rating 1 – Poor 2 3 4 agilejt – Excellent. But I want use labview to configurate the channel one by one. Hey guys I see this is a pretty old thread but I’ll post an example of how to address this issue, at least the one Agilen use.


Sample code created with instrument driver functions. NI CompactDAQ combines USB device detection, built-in signal conditioning, direct sensor and signal connectivity, hot-swappable modules, and automatic module configuration to make a simple, complete, cost-effective data acquisition system all in one small platform.

This application initializes communication with the A, takes 10 voltage readings from each channel in the scan list, and finally ends communication and checks for albview. Message 7 of 8.

Solved: RS Communication with Agilent A – Page 2 – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Two instrument driver palettes are shown below, in Figure 2. Hundreds of functional blocks for analysis, signal processing, and mathematics are built-in to the environment, making LabVIEW a smart choice for manipulating raw data collected with the A. Please try again, only this time explain how to use Labview with the Agilent instrument. In Figure 3, we show the block diagram of a sample application created with these VIs.

DC Voltage channel Thank you help me!