To display it in Windows Explorer, enter c: Usually shortened to “units”, these are block devices presented to the operating system. See the Enclosure Services Commands section for more. Valid values are 3, 4, 5 and 6. On the SA and controllers, connections are made with phys and vports virtual ports. Note that if subsequent to this command, one enables the background verify task to follow the scheduled slots, then this on-demand task will be paused until the next scheduled timeslot. To silence the alarm you may set the state of the alarm to OFF.

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For each activity, up to 7 tasks can be registered, known as slots 1 through 7. The battery failed a test. For Windows Vista and Windows Serverthe log file is stored in.

3ware Storage Management CLI

All references of port also applies to vport for the commands in this section. If the setting is OFF, serkes same table layout is shown. This command identifies the specified enclosure temperature sensor by setting the 3wafe attribute to either ON or OFF, if there is an LED associated and if the enclosure supports Temperature Sensor Identify.

After the test has initiated, check the controller alarms for any AENs Asynchronous Event Notifications about the status of the test operation. This command reports the identify status of the specified unit within an enclosure.

This command shows the carvesize that Auto-Carving policy needs. Rescanning the controller will clear the error status if the condition no longer exists.


3Ware Eskalad series

Generally, this is supported in the SE, SA and controllers. This command is supported on the SE with release 9. This policy in conjunction with disk spin up policy specifies how the controller 3warr spin up disks at boot time.

Please note that the support items are accumulative down the list, excepted where noted. If a Fault, Failed or serie Error occurs during the test, the write cache remains at the disabled state until the problem is fixed.

For examples of other statistic data types, please see ‘Drive Performance Monitor’ in the ‘Features’ section. Creating a RAID-5 unit with the rapidrecovery attribute set to the all option:. The Verify function requires some initial setup.

If you enter “y”, the download process will initiate. This command allows you to set the Auto-Carving policy to be on or off.

This command displays all available events on a given controller. Background tasks have a slot id, start day, hour, duration, and status attributes. This command provides specific show related help, illustrating various ways to use the show command.

AMCC Sara RAID Controller 3ware Series | eBay

As a result of the complexity and non-deterministic nature of Verify or Advanced Verify with respect to when scheduled verify tasks may execute, the Basic Verify feature was introduced to provide a more simplistic verify function as an option. Please note that the command takes longer to complete for ports that do not have drives inserted. The SA controller have 8 weries.


This command instructs the controller to rescan all ports and reconstitute all units.

The two columns related to fan speed shows the level and RPM revolutions per 3warreand finally, the Identify column lists the Identify setting of the fans. The running average is a measure of long-term averages that smooth out the data, and results in older results fading from the average over time.

Don’t be affraid, just wait.

The command descriptions and examples of this section are shown with the syntax of the controller object pre-pended to the enclosure object i. If you wish to use CLI in single command mode not interactivemake sure to avoid collision with your command interpreter OS shell by escaping the meta-characters such as?

For 3waer SE with Release 9.

AMCC Sara RAID Controller 3ware 8000 Series

The status of disabled denotes that the controller will not use the scheduled time slots. If the ondegrade policy is offa unit cache policy will force to be off when the unit becomes 3wzre. Please note that the keyword ‘pmstat’ and ‘dpmstat’ generate the same system response.