The user chooses and the image of the software is sent to the PC. The time now is What if you create a physical floppy disk and use something like WinImage to extract it again? The system boots and crashes without the ramdisk, and just crashes with the ramdisk. By default, only the Administrator option is selected, which will install only the management tools. Cabal to syslock Premium Member Mar-9 3: I’m in search of the windows only solution for this.

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I downloaded the latest syslinux 2. I have a menu file that allows the user to install redhat 7.

Redhat seems to have changed the way the bootnet. Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Again the floppy I create using rawrite works. If you have any ideas please let me know. I don’t want to keep burning CDs, so I started using the ftp install with 7. Always Steps to Reproduce: I followed the same procedure using the redhat 8 bootnet. My problem is the 3com tools won’t read the linux formatted floppy and stops. Comment Cancel You must be logged in to post a comment.


Configuring 3Com PXE Server for Windows installs

Not sure how this would interact with the 3com PXE server. It looks like other tools work similarly: I turned my attention to syslinux.

Are the bootnet and bootdisk files using hard coded path names now i. Just had an idea This has been useful to me.

The PC boots just like a floppy was in the drive. See our new home at SUSE. Havent used Ghost in a couple of years but I think the answer is yes. Most Active Forum Topics this week Perform the following to complete the merge: C3om boot disk from redhat 8 bootnet.

I then tried altering the options on the append line. When the PC boots, the PCs downloads a menu of bootable images from which the user can 3cok.

I had no problem PXE booting using the bootable binary image after decompressing it.

Install 3com boot services PXE Server

Cabal Premium Member join: I think 3clm might work. I tried every possible combination of options to try to get it to work, nothing worked. What if you use the 3com server to boot into the syslinux pxe image, and then use that to boot the linux disk image?


I then used the 3Com software to make an image of the floppy track by track so the PCs could use that c3om to boot from. Comment 4 Michael Fulbright Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy I will contact the syslinux people to report the problem.

I am just testing this now and looking at how to ghost a server that I have running as I need this 3cok the MS courses that we have running here.

It’s a pxee way of leveraging the massive network driver database I have built up in MDT to be able to boot up practically any machine.